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Today the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with its now 64 institutes and chairs in Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering and its approx. 2,954 new enrollees (winter semester 2017/18) is one of the largest faculties of Mechanical Engineering in Europe. Furthermore, it is very interdisciplinary and offers many qualification possibilities for national and international students.


With 8 Bachelor and 18 Master programs, the whole width of certificates and academic degree is offered, e.g. in 2017:

2,214 Graduates
238 Dissertations
1 Habilitation

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering counts 64 professors, approx. 1,389 academic staff, approx. 672 non-academic staff as well as approx. 1.077 student and academic workers (19 hours annual equivalent).

The more than 12,795 students enrolled in the different degree programs of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the winter semester 2017/18 are faced with the large number of 250 teachers of the academic non-professorial teaching staff, 9 associate professors, 350 lecturers from the industry, 22 adjunct professors as well as three honorary professors – on top of the 64 full or secondary professors.


Significance of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering within RWTH Aachen University

38% of third party funds of RWTH Aachen University are raised by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

The total revenue of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering amounts to about € 345 million. It is faced with a basic funding of € 100 million by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In other words: Almost two thirds of the funds spent were raised externally.


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