Organizational Chart of the Cluster of Excellence  

Management Structure of the Cluster of Excellence

The organisational structure of the CoE is illustrated in the figure above. It was developed on the basis of the experience gathered within large national and international research projects in the past and the experience from the first funding period of the CoE.

The main objective of the operational cluster management is the comprehensive scientific coordination of the whole CoE and the development of personnel, scientific and structural sustainability at RWTH Aachen University.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is in charge of the scientific, technical, financial, legal and administrative coordination. The CEO is the representative of the CoE for national and international symposia and research initiatives and is supported by the Chief Operational Officer (COO), who is in charge of the operational CoE management. The CEO and the COO are thus the contact persons to the DFG. The scientific coordination includes the organisation of all conferences and colloquiums of the CoE, comprising the half-yearly plenary cluster conferences, the half-yearly researcher’s colloquiums, the quarterly Steering Committee board meetings, the biennial meetings of the Scientific Advisory and the annual meetings of the Industrial Advisory Board.
On behalf of the Steering Committee, the COO assesses the alignment of the interdisciplinary research goals and the current research progress. He initiates any measures required to reach the agreed research objectives. The COO also acts as the representative of the cluster towards industry and the general public. The COO is supported by four research assistants. Each of these COO assistants is responsible for one Integrative Cluster Domain. Additionally, the COO is accompanied by a core team of senior researchers in their post-doc phase, which assists the COO in comprehensive scientific questions.