Innovative Material Design

  Mechanical stress on a gearwheel Copyright: IEHK, RWTH Aachen

Imagining our everyday life without innovative materials which ensure the functionalities of our products is unthinkable. Conversely, the requirements of materials are defined by their application in form of products and also by the way they are manufactured. In case already existing materials do not comply with the requirements, the development of new materials is necessary. Hence, innovative materials open up new possibilities in the design and manufacturing of products. Our partner institutes are following simulative and integrative approaches, in order to gain cost and time advantages.


The Department of Ferrous Metallurgy (IEHK) of RWTH Aachen University has developed a web-based simulation platform Aachen Virtual Platform for Materials Processing (AixViMaP) which enables parallel simulating and analyzing of materials on all relevant scales. Hence, for example fine-grain stabilities can be forecasted along the value chain.

The Integrated Computational Materials Engineering expert group (ICMEg) is a scientific network of stakeholders which is defining an ICME language in form of an open and standardized communication protocol for material simulation across different process steps and length scales.

Access e.V. is doing research in solidification and solid state phase transformation with the aid of analytic and simulation tools for accomplishing a knowledge-based development of metallic materials for dedicated applications.

The Institut of Metal Forming (IBF) at RWTH Aachen University focuses on material modeling in order to better understand and influence forming processes.

The KEX Knowledge Exchange AG is provider of demand-based information and deals among others with trends and technologies of innovative materials.