Flow simulation of a tool Copyright: RWTH Aachen University

Simulation techniques provide the opportunity to simulate physical processes on the basis of realistic models. For instance, processes such as product and material behaviour, manufacturing and assembly processes or logistics can be simulated. Virtual simulation can therefore reduce the production of prototypes, avoid the intervention into operating processes and allows the simulation of processes which are not realizable through experiments.  


The Department of Ferrous Metallurgy (IEHK) of RWTH Aachen University uses material simulation for the modeling of microstructure and properties in order to develop adequate mechanical-technological properties of semi-finished products and components.

The Foundry Institut (GI) of RWTH Aachen University focuses in the field of numerical simulation on the development of casting processes and materials. Alongside the application of commercially available software, the own in-house simulation software is developed.

The Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) requires simulation techniques in the area of profile extrusion for the compounding and production of semi-finished parts.

The Department of Mechanism Theory and Dynamics of Machines (IGM) of RWTH Aachen University uses simulations for vibration test, tolerance analysis and force analysis.

The Chair for Computational Analysis of Technical Systems (CATS) uses numerical simulations like finite elements method to explain a variety of questions regarding technical systems.

The Virtual Reality Group performs research in multimodal 3D interaction technology, immersive 3D visualization of complex simulation data, parallel visualization algorithms, and virtual product development.

The Gear Department of the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) develops and distributes software for the simulation and analysis of gear production within large-scale gears and in the automobile sector. Additionally, software for performance simulation is developed and used for gear design.