Why Collaborate with RWTH Aachen?

Female scientists at a test bench Copyright: Peter Winandy



Bram Wijlands

Head of the Division of Technology Transfer


+49 241 80 96606



A Partnership with Tradition

The close collaboration between industry and RWTH Aachen has existed since the university was founded in the 19th century. The industry significantly financially supported RWTH Aachen in its development phase. One of its goals through this was to support the education of engineers for mining in North Rhine-Wesphalia. As a result, distinct collaborative efforts with the industry were established at RWTH Aachen, which we continuously develop with the future in mind.

Elite Research Helps Establish Increased Innovative Strength

The importance of excellent research in the innovation process is indisputable. RWTH Aachen strives for the synchronization of scientific and industrial innovation processes, in order to shorten the innovation cycle. Our scientists conduct comprehensive basic research and then application oriented research in many different disciplines. As a result, RWTH Aachen is a strong partner for the development of future technologies of tomorrow. Accordingly, our industry partners are well known for staying ahead of others and for remaining internationally competitive for the long run, through the help of advanced innovation efforts.

RWTH Aachen's Core Competencies

  • Computational Science & Engineering
  • Energy, Chemical & Process Engineering
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Material Science & Technology
  • Medical Science & Technology
  • Molecular Science & Engineering
  • Mobility & Transport Engineering
  • Production Engineering

Services and Consulting Close to Research

Our university does not only serve as a producer and distributor of knowledge, but rather supports its partners in the industry and economy with research oriented services and consulting. We possess a number of unique test benches and dynamometers that are available to companies, even outside the framework of research projects.

Excellent Talent

In addition to its collaborative work in the research field, the university also ensures that companies find new talent, through its instructional component. A scientific education at RWTH Aachen is easily applied to a variety of opportunities. Our graduates are sought after for their talent and leadership in the economy: every fifth board member of a German company studied at RWTH Aachen.