Mündliche Prüfung


Termine der mündlichen Prüfungen

Datum Name Ort Uhrzeit Titel Dissertation
Fr, 22.11.2019 Frau Jaqueline Prasuhn Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, 2. Etage, B 201 10:30 Uhr Managing Digital Innovation - An Investigation of the Antecedents and Outcomes of Social Media Driven Open Innovation
Fr, 22.11.2019 Frau Victoria Peuker Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, Raum B037 14:30 Uhr Market Orientation in Large Firms: A Longitudinal Investigation of Antecedents and Consequences
Mo, 02.12.2019 Herr Thomas Reinfried Kießling Büropark, Kackertstr. 7,
3. Etage, B 301
17:30 Uhr The Antecedents of Product Recalls: How Firm Strategy, Operations, and Innovation Affect Product Recall Risk
Mo, 09.12.2019 Herr Stefan Raff Büropark, Kackertstr. 9, Raum C102 (1. OG) 13:00 Uhr Products and Services in the Digital Age: Findings of a Multi-Perspective Approach