Uni at City Hall: From Rescue Drone to Air Taxis - The Revolution of Urban Mobility?


Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 7:30pm

Congested roads in the city center are an everyday occurrence and this has consequences for passenger, rescue, service, and freight traffic. Can rescue drones and flying taxis help here? This would undoubtedly change urban mobility. The idea of getting into an air taxi that autonomously takes passengers to their destination seems tempting. Is this our future? Experts would like to discuss this with the public in this talk.

Where? Coronation Hall at Aachen City Hall, Market Square

Professor Dieter Moormann, Chair and Institute for Flight System Dynamics and Profile Area Mobility & Transport Engineering, MTE for short, RWTH Aachen University
and other guests

Host Jens Tervooren from WDR channel
Language German
Admission Free
Registration Not required
Organizers City of Aachen in cooperation with RWTHextern